Saturday, February 20, 2016

Altering a Thrift Store Frame

Hi all Lyn Gill here again for a DIY Altered Framed Owl. I bought this frame at the thrift store & it was a worn, scratched yellow color, & very unattractive. Just using some Amazing Casting Resin, black Gesso, crackle glaze & metallic acrylic paint I was able to completely transform it.

I decided to use some Amazing Casting Resin to create the Owl using an Amazing Mold Putty mold I created for a previous project...Oooo I can see it coming along nicely.
I used the black Gesso & Crackle Glaze in it as well as some Gold Leaf Flakes & the Metallic Acrylic Paint & WOW did it transform this thrift store frame!
I can't wait to hang it in my Craft Studio! I do have a love for all things

            What kinds of thrift store finds could you alter with Amazing Casting Resin?
Please share them on the user GALLERY on the Amazing Crafting Products Website!

Well thank you so much for joining me today with Amazing Casting Products...Till Next Time!

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Playing in the Sunshine

It's been wonderful weather here for the last week with Temps in the upper 70's, like a Vacation for this Texas girl. So I've finished re-organizing my studio(sorry I didn't take any before & I'm trying to get my mojo going again. I'll share with you a few of the pendant I made over the past few weeks...I'm sooo in Love with these...

 I've always been inspired by vintage Foil Etched Artwork & I think these are so fun! Each one is my own Artwork under resin & backed with foil all in a polymer clay frame...miniature Artworks!

I want to thank you all again for checking out my post...Till Next Time!