Wednesday, May 31, 2017

DIY Bronze Patina Swellegant on Polymer Clay

The before on this piece was inspired by the Art Nouveau Master Craftsman Rene' Lalique & although my own take on the piece I think it does justice to his gorgeous work.
Created from a custom blend of gold & bronze Premo clays, one of my clay faces & the lovely pyramid shaped bead I was gifted by a dear friend it still needed the final touch to bring it to life.
So in comes the Swellegant...I chose the bronze since that was my original plan, with the Darkening Patina. It really didn't have too much of a reaction so I continued on with the Sky Sapphire & that did the trick!
                                            It's really quite a lovely finish...don't ya think?
You can still see some of the Darkening Patina & the Sky Sapphire really pops. I gave her face just a bit of blue acrylic paint in the details to match the patina & she's gorgeous!
I truly love what Swellegant can bring to my work. To see a pendant you've put so much work into suddenly age right before your eyes is quite mesmerizing! I really do enjoy the process to say the least.
Well although we're at the end of May, I do have a few more of these Surface Effects pendant to share with you so stay tuned...Till Next Time!

Friday, May 26, 2017

DIY Polymer Clay & Alcohol Inks

Hi everyone, Lyn here again & once again the before image is a little bland but this time I'm using Alcohol Inks on Polymer Clay.
This time I've used the Silver Mixative on the hair & leaves & the Bright Purple from Ranger on the grapes plus I added a little of the purple watered down with Alcohol to highlight the hair.. The face I used Pearl Mixative on. I then went back & added a little Lettuce Green t o the leaves just to give it some contrast. A bit of Iridescent Violet Pearl-ex on the grapes gives it the final look.

Pretty, don't you think? I Well that's about it for today, sorry I'm not sure how these posts got out of order but you know?! Well...Till Next Time!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wisteria Polymer Clay using the Dye Oxides from Swellegant

I know the before photo is a little bland but just wait till you see what can be done using the Swellegant Dye Oxides. The pink tendrils are Translucent Premo with a bit of Alcohol ink for the color so that is stay nice & translucent.

First I painted the hair with the Copper Metal Coating & Tiffany Green Patina & the face with Silver Metal Coating & Darkening Patina & let that bloom. Then for the fun part...
I then used the Violet Dye Oxide(let it dry) & topped that with the Milky White Dye Oxide.

I really think she turned out Gorgeous! The Dye Oxides really brought out the texture that I added to the Wisteria Blossoms & I love how just a bit of the Copper peeks out around the leaves & hair.
This is the final video of the series on Surface Effects but be assured there will be more videos.
Well...that's it for today...Till Next Time!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

"Tree of New Life" Antiquing polymer clay with acrylic paints

Have you ever wanted to antique your polymer clay pieces but just didn't know where to begin. this episode of the series on surface effects I'll share just how to do it using acrylic paints.
Here I've used a wash(watered down acrylic paint) of black & raw umber acrylic paints to give the effect of an antique piece of jewelry. It really shows off the detail so nicely.

I used the black to accent the tree/vines &the brown to knock the color of the leaves back. I then gave her face just a bit of paint in warm white so simulate some tattooing.
What do you think? I think she's quite lovely, like a forest spirit.

So check out my YT channel for the latest video in the series for more on this technique.

Well we come to the end of another post...Till Next Time!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

DIY Using Swellegant on Polymer Clay Pt2

Her again you may need to use your imagination since I failed to get a before photo but this time I used the Brass Metal Coating with the Tiffany Green Patina & a little Yellow Dye Oxide(just on the flowers) . The face is from the video I did on Crackle Finishes.

I love the beautiful oxidized finish on this pendant, especially the yellow on the really brings them to life! Once again brought together with a bead from a dear friend(you know who you Perfection!

Well that's it for another day...Till Next Time!

Monday, May 8, 2017

DIY using Swellegant on Polymer Clay

Ok, admittedly the before picture already has a base coat of swellegant Silver Metal Coatings on it but you should still get the general started out as Sliver Premo clay.

I then added the Darkening Patina to the piece & some of the Blood Red Dye Oxide to the Poppies.

After the Swellegant has time to bloom & Dry it takes on a whole new appearance! Basically "Instant Vintage"! She's so lovely! I added a bead made by a dear friend of mine & presto...finished!
Swellegant is amazing!

Well that's all for today...Till Next Time!

Friday, May 5, 2017

DIY Pigment Inks on Polymer Clay

This time I managed to get a before picture of the project, polymer clay hair & face with resin shells! Using some Pigment Inks I received from a dear friend of mine I cautiously tried them out & couldn't be happier with the results. I used 90% Alcohol to thin the pigment inks & to keep them liquid as they dry rather quickly once exposed to the air.

I know...right? She turned out gorgeous! The pearl dangle from the Pearls video was the perfect touch! Such a great pendant she will make, perfect for Summer!
Well that's it for now...Till Next Time!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

DIY Acrylic Paints on Polymer Clay

This week on my YT channel I covered using Acrylic Paints on Polymer Clay. This is the fun Faux Copper finish I achieved in the video. A little added Golden accents really brings it to life. This was done with DecoArt paints & was super easy to do. The face & the key & lock were all made of resin(Amazing Casting Resin) so you can see the acrylic paint works equally well on both surfaces.
Well that's it for now...Till Next Time!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Blog Hop for Amazing Casting Products & Stencil Girl Products

Hi everyone Lyn Gill here from LynzCraftz. Welcome to the Blog Hop! I have a project to share with you today using AmazingCastingProducts in collaboration with StencilGirlProducts
I first started with the sculpture, Sculpted with Super Sculpey Polymer Clay & then baked. I then coated her with a gloss sealer to create a better finish on the final mold.
Then I formed the mold using Amazing Mold Putty. I first covered one side of the sculpture & then carefully added more Amazing Mold Putty to the other side. I knew I would need to cut the mold at least part way up to get the piece back out but since I'd planned it I knew it would be fine.
 So here's the finished piece...I used Amazing Clear Cast Resin & you can see she's beautifully clear.
She rests on a pedestal made of corrugated cardboard ...unpainted. I'll explain where I was going with this idea in a minute. The base was made my husband & is just 2 pieces of plywood, rabbited together then primed with gesso.
 Some texture paste through a brick stencil & some brick red acrylic paint starts off the background.

 Stencils by StencilGirlPoducts
 The comes the magic! Using stencils by StencilGirlPoducts I created a graffiti background...gorgeous!
Stencils used:
 Text and Texture Explore Stencil
 Timeless Stencil
 Past Present Future Stencil
 Inside Out Stencil
 Website: Blog:

 I added a cardboard semi-circle & painted it & did some faux rusting drips as well. Then I added 2 more cardboard pillar to the scene & the roof. I love how the cardboard & graffiti show the fleeting nature of today's art as opposed to the timelessness of Ancient art specifically marble statues, which is what the idea behind what this piece portrays.
 So here she is "Venus of the Modern World" in daylight...
 OH Wait...I forgot to mention...I added light to the pedestal so it would shine up through the resin! Clever right?

 A few close-ups showing her lit-up...

I truly enjoyed this project with AmazingCastingProducts as well as working with the awesome stencils by StencilGirlProducts.
Oh & did I mention the giveaway!
GIVEAWAY One lucky winner will receive both a $25 Gift Certificate to StencilGirl Products AND a $25 Gift Certificate to Amazing Casting Products! Visit the fabulous designers from both teams and comment for your chance to win! The more blogs you comment on, the more chances you have to WIN! (One comment per blog please.) You have until Sunday, April 23rd at 11:59PM Central Time to leave your comments. Winner will be announced on StencilGirl's Facebook [ ] page and Amazing Casting Products’s Facebook [ ] page on Monday, April 24th.
So hop along we me & my fellow Amazing Casting Products design team members...

April 19th
Thanks for stopping by...Till Next Time!

Friday, April 14, 2017

DIY Faux Bronze with Acrylic Paint on Polymer Clay

Next in the YT video series is painting this beauty! I had already painted the pocketwatch with a Faux Bronze finish with some Acrylic Paints. So I decided to replicate that on the remainder of the piece.

She still has the same look only toned down & finished with a Patina Green & Grey wash. If your interested you can check out the new video up on my YT channel...Till Next Time!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Polymer Clay Working in Layers

I'm starting a new series of tutorials on YT this week on Working in Layers to create a pendant. Here's what I started with in the image above...a resin face(one of my over pour so it wasn't even a whole face), a resin pocketwatch & some metal gears. With some Gold Premo Polymer clay I'll show you how I created this pendant...

Really fun, right? I know she still needs a paint job but that's for the next video. This piece has 4 layers but others can have many more. The resin pocketwatch was already painted with bronze acrylic paint & a faux patina, (it's ok to bake most acrylic paints at clay temps) so I'll try to use a paint scheme that.will go with that look. So stay tuned & check out my YT channel.
...Till Next Time!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Art Nouveau Jewelry Design

Hi everyone, Lyn from LynzCraftz here with a somewhat surprising project! I wanted to reproduce a rather complex piece of jewelry I had just created, from resin. First off I'll share the original piece of jewelry I created...

All polymer clay & inspired by the Designer Rene' Lalique it is unfortunately rather heavy so I thought why not create one from Amazing Casting resin?
First I started with the frame...I created the frame, baked it, then I used Amazing Mold Putty to reproduce it.

Then using Amazing Casting Resin, I poured it & let it cure. I did the same steps for the faux glass section, this time using Amazing Clear Cast Resin & a bit of Alumilite Dye.

Looking good so far, right?

Using Alumilite Metallic Powder in Silver on the first one when I poured the resin, the second one I decided to paint the frame a rich yummy Bronze. I love the different finishes that can be achieved this way. The look of clear or frosted glass especially comes across so nicely. This was such a fun project I'm looking forward to the next one!

                                                    What combos could you think of?

Well that's it for another usual you can find my work on my blog LynzCraftz , on YouTube LynzCraftz , as well as FaceBook LynzCraftz .

Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine's Day Conversation Hearts

Hi everyone, Lyn Gill here again...Let's have a conversation about...what else "Conversation Hearts"! A quaint Valentines Tradition, little candy hearts with a message for your loved one inscribed on the front. So why not create them in resin?
First I sculpted the hearts out of Super Sculpey, I made them double sided so I could mold 2 off of each heart.
I used Amazing Mold Putty & created molds for each side. I them mixed up my Amazing Casting Resin with some Alumilite Dye in 2 cups(1 red & 1 pink) & the 3rd I left uncolored, then poured & let cure. After they cure & were removed I mixed up some Amazing Clear Cast with some Alumilite Dye in Red & some red glitter to make the last 2.
I used acrylic paint in the lettering with a fine detail brush & the bowl was created using Cat Kerr's demo from CHA using an embossing folder & Amazing Casting Resin formed over a bowl while still pliable.
What a super cute & fun project!

                                What Valentine's Day inspiration have you come up with this year?

 As usual you can find my work on my blog LynzCraftz , on YouTube LynzCraftz , as well as FaceBook

Thursday, January 26, 2017

"Waves on the Sand" Resin Pour using Amazing Clear Cast Resin

Yet another practice piece "Waves on the Sand" started out on a piece of foam core board. I created some texture with some modeling paste, some random glue gun drips(from my glue gun & 3 small resin rocks that I created from a mold I made from a piece of Pyrite. I then painted the background color with some acrylic paint...

OK liking the look so far...I then mixed up so Amazing Clear Cast Resin & separated it into different cups. To one I added Ocean Blue Alumilite Dye & a bit of Pearlescent mica powder, to another I added some gold mica powder, to another I added some white acrylic paint(just a bit, no more than 5% by volume or it will retard the hardening of the resin) & some pearl mica powder, then to the last cup I added only white pearl mica powder...I stirred each cup...then I poured the Ocean Blue Resin & half of the white pearl resin into the same cup(but didn't stir them together)& slowly poured it onto the top left portion of the "canvas" allowing it to settle & pushing the rest with my stir stick so that it covered the edges, I also made sure that it went into the textured areas somewhat. Then I repeated this process with the gold resin & poured the other half of the pearl resin into the cup with the gold(still without stirring) & slowly poured it onto the bottom eight of the "canvas" again allowing it to settle & pushing it to the edges with my stir stick.

I then took the white resin(the one with the acrylic paint & pearl mica powder)& slowly drizzled it from my stir stick in a back & forth motion to simulate waves. I did this on both halves of the "canvas". Then let it cure for a couple of hours before repeating the process with the white resin & more Amazing Clear Cast resin.

The difference is especially noticeable amongst the rocks. I let the entire piece cure overnight.
Such a fulfilling experiment! I love how the textured area turned out although it's a little difficult to see in the pictures. much Fun, like a Day at the
Well thanks again for joining me today...Till Next Time!