Monday, November 27, 2017

A Fun Fall Rhinestone Lizard Pin/Brooch

Hi everyone, Lyn here again with a fun Lizard Fall brooch/pin project for you. I originally created this pin years ago(back when Southwest design was all the the and last time I wore it the back leg broke. Now it's only made of Shrink Plastic so it's not very thick, it's kinda curved, very textured & I needed to make a mold from it. So out comes the Amazing Mold Putty, it's perfect for getting the detail & I can add some depth to the pin at the same time.

After mixing up the 2part Amazing Mold Putty I pressed it out on my glass desktop to a pretty thin layer(1/4"or so) then I "rocked" the pin back a forth so that the whole pin made contact with the putty. I did it this way because I wanted the mold to be level and flat. Then let it cure(it only takes 10-20minutes)

Now for the resin! Here I used Amazing Casting Resin with a drop of Alumilite Dye in Brown so the final colors would really pop. I always have molds on stand-by to fill with "left-over" resin when I mix more than needed. Then left it set to cure(again 10-20minutes depending on the weather).

It worked! The finished Amazing Casting Resin Lizard is still thin but thick enough to be rigid. So it shouldn't snap like the original did.

I glued a pin back to the back with a bit of E-600 and  let that cure at least 30minutes but I let it set an hour just to be sure.

 Now comes the Fun part...using some Metallic Acrylic Paints I "dry-brushed" the pieces starting with Gold, then Bronze & then Copper. It dries really quick so just a few minutes and your ready for the next step...Rhinestones! Yep, Rhinestones...I had some of them in several sizes & colors! So I chose some Clear Aurora Boreallis & they reflect the colors perfectly. A bit of Black Acrylic Paint for the eyes & it's done!

This would make a great gift for the Holidays! So glad I didn't throw that little pin away when it

                What broken object could you mold and casting in Amazing Casting Resin?

Well that's it for this post...Till Next Time!!!

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Witch's Cupboard ATC and Charm Swap Skull Charm

Happy Halloween everyone, Lyn here again for Amazing Casting Products bringing you a fun Halloween charm just in time for your big event!

After crafting the original skull from Super Sculpey and baking it until cured(according to package directions) I then glued it down to the bottom of a disposable plastic cup with my hot glue gun. Then I mixed the Amazing Mold Rubber(also according to package directions & slowly  poured it into the cup covering up the skull by about 1/2'' and let that cure overnight.

Now after de-molding it was ready to fill with some Amazing Casting Resin. After mixing pour it in the mold and let it cure for 10-20minutes before de-molding.

While the molded piece was still "soft" I screwed in a screw eye to make a charm out of the skull. Then using some Black acrylic paint I painted the whole skull and quickly(while it was still wet) wiped it back off. Leaving it with an antiqued finish.

I think it looks kinda creepy sitting on my handmade ATC card(Artist Trading Card) and my Art Journal.
                                  What will you create to go with your Halloween costume?

Well that's all for now...Till Next Time!

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Monday, October 16, 2017

SPOOKtacular Jewels skull ring

Hi Lyn from LynzCraftz here today hopping for Amazing Casting products and Designer Crafts Connection SPOOKtecular Jewels blog hop.
I first started with some Super Sculpey Polymer Clay and formed the "jewel" crystal shapes, baked them and when they cooled molded them using Amazing Mold Putty.

The using Amazing Clear Cast and some glitter flakes I poured the "Jewels" & let them cure over night.

Once they were cured I made the ring base and some little skulls out of more Super Sculpey but before baking I added one of the crystals(don't worry Amazing Clear Cast is heat tolerant at polymer clay temps of 275F). Then I baked the piece. I painted the ring with acrylic paints taking care not to get paint on the crystal.

 Here I'm showing the crystal with light shining from behind...pretty huh?

A shot of one of the little skulls after I added the antiquing with acrylic paint.

A true SPOOKtacular Jewel for you Halloween costume! Happy Halloween from Amazing Casting Products and Designer Crafts Connection!

                                      What's your Halloween costume going to be this year?

Thanks for joining us for the fun blog hop with Amazing Casting Products and Designer Crafts Connection!!!

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Into the Holiday Season!

Hi Lyn here again, going into this holiday season I thought about changing it up a bit around here! You know, just throw out a few random, weird ideas & projects...
like these...

Ok just a couple of quick ones to tide you over...I'm still working on more so stay tuned!
...Till Next Time!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

August 2017 Jewelry Share by LynzCraftz

 Well it's that time again, time for another jewelry share! This time it's more goddesses with Swellegant!

Goldstone Wanderer was coated with Swellegant Silver Metal Coating & a bit of the Green Gold/ Rust Patina, she also has one of my large faux Goldstones, a Smokey Quartz stone under her chin, Goldstone(manmade glass stones)earrings, on the chain & at the bottom and a glass rhinestone on her forehead.
Goldstone Wanderer  

Ghostly Blues was coated with Silver Swellegant Metal Coating & the some of the Darkening Patina with just a bit of the Caribbean Blue Dye Oxide. She sits on one of my faux stones & also has a small Moonstone cabochon on her forehead.
Ghostly Blues
The Lunar Princess was coated with the Copper Metal Coating & the Green Gold Patina & sits on one of my faux stones. She also has some Turquoise Nuggets & a glass rhinestone on her forehead.

Lunar Princess

Radiant Fall is a Foil Surfaced Leaf with a carved Spike & small glass rhinestone. It also has some Fluorite(which glow in the dark)stones on the chain.

Radiant Fall
 Sunning on the Beach is on a resin sand dollar which was molded from an actual sand dollar & has some beach sand & some Swellegant Silver Metal Coating shells with the Darkening Patina. She also has a Moonstone on her forehead & turquoise Nuggets & Carnelian Nuggets on the chain.
Sunning on the Beach
 The Ancient Disk is a glass stone with Angelina Film & the frame was done with Mica Powder & acrylic Paint. It has some Crazy Lacy Agate & Carnelian on the chain.
Ancient Disk
 The Butterfly Princess was also done with Acrylic Paint & has a glass rhinestone on her forehead & Carnelian, Tiger Eye & Turquoise on the chain.
The Butterfly Princess
 The Stone Forest was coated with the Bronze Metal Coating with the Green Gold Patina. She sits on one of my faux stones & has a Paradox on the forehead with some glass beads on the chain.
The Forest Stone
 The Ghostly Apparition is a brooch & is a cast resin frame with a cast resin face & lovely pearl hair. The face & hair were painted with Acrylic Paints & the frame was just touched with a bit of Metallic Luster in Champagne Ice. She also has a Moonstone on her forehead. She would be perfect with your Halloween costume or for a Halloween party or get together.
The Ghostly Apparition
 The Gothic Grecian Goddess has a Cold Cast Aluminum Resin frame with an Emerald Green stone on her forehead & some of the Fluorite stones(which glow in the dark) & glass beads on the chain.
The Gothic Grecian Goddess
The Halloween Screaming Banshee has a Cold Cast Brass Resin frame, some creepy skull & bone s accessories & flowing hair, with glass beads on the chain. She would make the perfect accessory for your favorite Halloween costume!
The Halloween Screaming Banshee
 The Midnight Hour is Close at Hand has small quartz stones for earrings & on her forehead. She sits on an IOD resin clock with resin crystal. Painted with Acrylic Paints, she also has some Bloodstones & glass beads on the chain. She would also be a great addition to your Halloween costume!
The Midnight Hour is Close at Hand
 Peacock Feathers, she's so lovely! Painted with Acrylic Paints & setting on one of my faux stones, she has a small Aquamarine on her forehead & glass beads on the chain..

Peacock Feathers
 The Rose Pegasus was an idea from one of my customers who wanted me to create a Pegasus with a full mane & Roses on the chest so this piece was born. Mica Powders were used to create the silver effect on resin(the original was destroyed in the mold making process). Although this was made as a pendant she wanted to string it herself.
The Rose Pegasus(Sold)
The Pearl Pegasus was created much the same way...with pearl mica powder, a bit if Silver Metallic Luster & a Quartz Stone & glass rhinestones on the chest plate & forehead & Glass stone on the chain.
The Pearl Pegasus(Reserved)
The Golden Pegasus was also created in much the same way, with gold & bronze mica powders & a bit of Silver Metallic Luster. A large Carnelian on the chest plate & golden glass beads & Carnelian Nuggets on the chain.

The Stone Maiden was coated with the Silver Metal Coating & the Brass Metal Coating on the face with the Tiffany Green Patina. She sits on one of my faux stones(tutorial by Ludmila Bakulina) Tiger's Eye in this case. She also has Tiger's Eye on her forehead & under her chin, with Turquoise & Tiger's Eye Nuggets on the chain.

The Stone Maiden
 The Tiger's Eye was coated with Brass Metal Coating & the Green Gold Patina with just a touch of the Blood Red Dye Oxide on the tips of the feathers. She also sits on one of my faux Tiger's Eye stones. She has a lovely Topaz on her forehead & glass beads on the chain.
The Tiger's Eye
 And finally The Wicked Queen...a Cold Cast Aluminum Resin frame with a red resin apple. She has a red glass rhinestone on her crown & glass beads on the chain. She would make a great addition to you Halloween costume!
The Wicked Queen
Whew! 19 pieces of Polymer Clay & Resin jewelry as I often mix the two. Swellegant has become a vital part of my work & often shows up when you might least expect it! I enjoy so many different Artistic techniques & supplies & use them to great effect on my jewelry. I really hope you enjoyed today's post & most of these will be listed in my etsy shop at some point but if your interested you can always contact me on my FB page LynzCraftz to make a purchase. Till Next Time!!!