Friday, February 27, 2015

Polymer Clay Dragon's Eye tutorial

                                             Here's the tutorial & a few of the Dragon's eye pendants I've created lately. They're so much fun! I love the way the glass pebbles/stones reflect the light & just make the eye sparkle. They're so beautiful in a way.

Again Premo by Sculpey with some metallic & pearl acrylic paints, Inka Gold & even some Pearl-ex powders.
So fun to make, try them for yourself!
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Polymer Clay Steampunk Mica Shift Collar style necklace

I haven't done any Mica Shift work in a while so I thought since I was still in a Steampunk frame of mind I would do a little playing around. Well for me playing around often leads to some serious work. Again some Premo & SculpeyIII clay, a set of Hero Arts Stamps & the Industrial set of Mod Molds & here's he result...

Not only is there a lovely ombre effect of the 2 colors of gold clay but the wonderful effect of the Mica Shift as well. It's actually 3 layers of clay, the thin layer of Mica Shift backed with another thin layer of gold clay is baked/cured on the back a large stoneware dinner plate. Then I added another thicker layer of gold clay, embossed with a texture sheet, to the back of the piece using some bake-n-bond. Again baked/cured on the dinner plate. Sanded & buffed then sealed with Rustoleum Ultimate Polyurethane(water based) it has a silky smooth finish. The gears are also textured gold clay painted with a raw umber acrylic paint using a stencil brush then a layer of black acrylic paint was rubbed on here & there to give them an aged look, these have also been sealed.
Soft but rugged, this is a fun piece.
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Friday, February 20, 2015

A bit of Polymer Clay here, a bit of Steampunk there!

Ok I admit it...I love steampunk! I may be a bit too "mature" but I don't I was challenged by my friend Lisa to create a Pirate ship & well...I took it a bit further. Some Premo Sculpey clay & some Mona Lisa Metal powders, a few recycled bits & pieces & a 300 watt shop light bulb...& a bit of imagination later and...

The wings & sails are made from brown paper sack that I coated with Liquid Sculpey(TLS) that was colored with Mica Powders. The propeller actually turns. There are cannons sticking out of the portholes with the doors open. The large portholes on the side where the Captains quarters would be, have resin in them for the glass. Ok the front sail rigging doesn't hang straight but all in all I'm quite proud of this piece! It's all from my "crazy" imagination, so welcome to my world!
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Music Lover

My next polymer clay journal cover is The Music Lover & I have a tutorial on my YT channel for this one. Again using Premo clay I created the background using some of my stamps. I then created a keyboard that winds it's way down the front of the journal. I used Inka Golds on the background while leaving the keyboard stark white it contrast. I love the effect!

The Music Lover
A polymer clay music sheet charm & small keyboard bead complete the look! What a great project & it's only 3''x4 1/2''!
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Friday, February 6, 2015

A Little Detective Work

A bit of sleuthing is in order today as we take another look at journal covers. This time a full sized version! First I reinforced the covers with recycled chipboard & patterned paper, this time from G45's A Proper Gentleman series. It has a very vintage Victorian feel to it which was perfect for the project. Then I took a stamp set(again from my dear friend Judy who got it & many others at an auction) & some Premo & Sculpey clays & went to town stamping. Then I baked the pieces on my large glass tile. After they cooled I applied some Inka Gold colors in gold, copper & a bit of silver, then I gave it a good buff with a soft cloth. Next I created a ring of clay & baked that & after it was cooled I coated the back of it with blue painter's tape/masking tape! Now here's the fun part...I filled the ring a little less than half way with UV resin & cured it under my light. Afterwards I removed the tape & lightly coated the back surface just to make it completely clear since the tape does leave a bit of foggy texture. Then I created the handle for this magnifying glass with some leftover wood grain texture & Wow did it look great! Just like a vintage magnifying glass, I even added an inked thumb print to it just for detail! Then I placed in on the cover over the stamped image of an eye with some Glossy Accents glue. The perfect stereotypical image for a detective I think!

The Keys & the Clock face are from my own molds & the keyring & tiny rhinestone are the only non-clay pieces on the project! I absolutely love the way it turned out! Vintage yumminess!
Thanks so much for stopping by today...Till Next Time!