Monday, October 31, 2016


Hi everyone Lyn Gill here...Wanting to welcome you to "Day of the Dead" week here on the blog.
I have created a little inspiration for you...a pendant! Surprised? Well, what can I say it's what I

Amazing Mold Putty
Amazing Casting Resin & AlumiliteMetallic Powder

 I used some previous molds that I had  made for other projects using Amazing Mold Putty. Using Amazing Casting Resin & Alumilite Metallic Powder in Silver, Alumilite Dyes & some acrylic paint I created this fun, festive pendant for the celebration. Super fun & quick.

Death Becomes Her
                                                     What celebrations do you create for?

Well I'll say farewell for now...Till Next Time! As always you can find my work on my blog LynzCraftz , YT LynzCraftz , or on Facebook LynzCraftz .

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

WereWolf Moon Pendant

Hello everyone, Lyn Gill here again & I've got a fun project just in time for Halloween! So enjoy that party in style & be the talk of the town...

First I started with my Amazing Mold Putty Moon mold (an oldie but a goodie) & an Amazing Mold Putty Wolf mold I created as well. I used Amazing Clear Cast Resin & Alumilite Dye in the Moon mold & I used polymer clay for the Wolf mold then used silver metal leaf under the Moon to make it really shine.

This was such a fun project, perfect for Halloween! As a Jewelry Artist I'm always trying to mix it up a bit & combining elements is a must. Mixing these two mold was a natural.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

scavenger hunt

Hi everyone Lyn Gill here again, are you ready for a Scavenger Hunt? Today I'll share with you my inspirational project for the month. This time I took a mold I made last year from Amazing Mold Putty & used Amazing Clear Cast Resin in it. Using some Alumilite Dyes & glitter I created the fun Pumpkin Brooch...

                                What new ideas will you find for molds you already created?

Thanks so much for stopping by today...Till Next Time, you can always find my work on my own blog LynzCraftz , or on YouTube LynzCraftz , or my facebook. LynzCraftz .

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Today we're starting an Amazing Event with our 5th Blogiversary & we're all starting from the same place...over 60 Artist we given the same package of supplies to create with, so come see what they came up  with...