Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"The Wings of Isis"
One of my firsts loves is polymer clay. I'm completely drawn to it, the texture, the silky feel of it. "The Wings of Isis" was inspired by Egyptian art & jewelry. The center stone is a combination of transparent, pearl blue, a transparent blue mix of polymer clays & gold micro fine glitters. After sanding & polishing it's topped with a gloss acrylic sealer. The bezel is gold clay with acrylic paint & antiquing & a matte sealer. I like to use SculpeyIII & Premo clays in my jewelry, I really like the workability & the color selections.
This piece "Falling Copper Leaves" was one of my first pendants. The center stone is my attempt at a faux Sunstone. The glaze this time is liquid Sculpey, my first & only time to use it this way. Great results just a bit messy. The bezel again is gold clay but I've used some copper Pearl-x to add some copper highlights & finished it off with some antiquing & a satin acrylic sealer.
"Falling Copper Leaves"
   Well back to a little organizing & spring cleaning. I really need to set up a photo booth & get some better pictures for the next post so stay tuned for that...till next time!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Here's the project that's taken me an entire year to complete. Last year was the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic & being a History/Archeology/Art History buff I really wanted to do a commemorative project in memory of this tragic event. I really enjoy themed projects, so this one was just for me. A broken leg, my Son & Grandson moving back in & loads of other delays couldn't stop me from finishing this one. A broken printer how ever nearly did so there are a few gaps since I want to add some photos of some of the passengers & crew. I've also uploaded a YT video on this one...   
& here's a few pics...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Well now that I'm finally really feeling better & have some of my energy back I've finished 2 more pieces of Hot Glue Art. "Silver Moon" & "Golden Sunshine" Both pieces have some of my polymer clay charms, satin ribbon & acrylic dangle accents.I really like the almost welded metal look the hot glue gun gives. The moon itself measures 9" & the sun 12" not including the charms.
Well that's it for now...more tomorrow, I hope!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"The Oracle" This is another 3D Wall Art piece I created last year. Recycled chipboard & corrugated cardboard for the base & the pillars, the rest is polymer clay. I also painted the painting in the background. The looking glass/gazing pool is an iridescent glass pebble surrounded in a polymer clay bezel. The entire piece is antiqued in an aged grey patina.
 I just love the ancient feel of this piece, the colors, textures & the sparkle really helped it come together. Imagine the possibilities!

Monday, February 4, 2013

 Another Valentine's Day inspired project...Hot glue art canvas! Chipboard mosaics with designs in hot glue, painted with different metallic acrylics. I've created some handmade flowers & chipboard gears done with a bubbled gesso technique & some polymer clay embellishments for added detail.The hanging heart with wings is done the same way with the hot glue & even the chipboard letters have the hot glue detail. The cherub & some of the tiny flowers I received in RAKS. I really had fun with this piece & really like the way the faux copper finish turned out.
 I think the close up of the heart really shows the grungy aged faux copper finish well & the pearl-essence of the wings too.
 I've been working on a few more projects using this technique over the last week but I've been fighting the flu so they're not quite finished yet but hopefully I'll have them done by the end of the week.
 Well that's it for now but I hope to be back soon with some of my polymer clay jewelry photos too.