Thursday, April 28, 2016

Shop Talk & Steamer Trunks

 Just a quick Hello this morning from N. Texas! I don't normally take hey it's a lovely day & the sun is shining! Seriously though my reason for stopping by today is just to promote my shop a bit & to just chat & share a bit of what I've been up-to lately.

First if you click on the pic. below it will take you to my etsy shop, I've been tweaking around with it a bit lately.
I've listed my recent jewelry pieces & I'm thinking about adding some of my cloth dolls & some of my mixed media work? Still thinking about that.

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I've also been altering my Grandfathers paint box, just a plywood box he had made to store his mixed paints in...he was a woodcarver & such a creative soul...I miss him daily.
Here's what it looked like inside(sorry I always forget to take a before
 I added some details with some fun foam...the straps, corners & the handle strapping are all fun foam. The handles are made of resin & I created them from a mold of an actually trunk handles my Hubby found while hunting Arrowheads a few weeks ago.
The I did the faux finish with DecoArt products & Andy Skinner's rust techniques. Super Fun!

Just a plain plywood box & now it has so much personality...It's magic!
Find something to alter & then go for it, it really is wonderful to give new life to something sitting in the corner or forgotten. Sound like a good excuse to go garage sale hunting to
Thanks so much for joining me today...Till Next Time!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Sparkly Carousel Resin Ponies

Hello again, Lyn Gill here & I was inspired this week by some paper ponies I saw...I just knew I could make them in resin!
In this project I used the Amazing Remelt & I think i really put it through it's paces...I molded it in a foam board box(paper line foam board) & I made the horse pattern from a recycled box glued to fun foam, of course I used plenty of mold release. When I poured the Amazing Remelt in & let it set up I was surprised at how easy it actually was to remove. I used some Amazing Clear Cast resin with various Alumilite Dyes & Alumidust & a touch of glittered embossing powder to make these adorable ponies!

These would make such a cute piece of wall art or hanging from the bottom of some windchimes. Or maybe on a princesses door! Their so fun & so easy to create!

                 What type of paper craft could you reproduce in resin? Think of the possibilities!

Well thank you so much for joining is today here at Amazing Casting Products!...Till Next Time!

As always you can find my work here on my Blog LynzCraftz where I also have a pattern for this project,   or on YouTube at LynzCraftz or on my Facebook page at LynzCraftz 

Sparkling Carousel Resin Pony

Right Click on the image & choose "save as"

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mixed Media Vintage Carnival Strength Test Machine Lamp

Can you hear the sounds of the music & games of the boardwalk? Can you smell the corndogs, the waffle cones & cotton candy? Can you remember the fun you had going to the local carnival? Well that was my inspiration for my next mixed media lamp...

   I used DecoArt products for this one...some Weathered Wood Crackle Medium & some Crackle Texture Paste gave the Mega Crackles I was looking for & the bright colors of Americana Paints, an Andy Skinner stencil & some DecoArt Media Antiquing Cream gave it the wonderful aged look I was going for. I did an image transfer onto foam board of the clown face from Graphics Fairy using Decou-page Photo Transfer Medium & an Ink Jet printer image.

Just a couple of scraps of wood, a few wooden stars, a sheet of foam board, DecoArt products & some color changing LED candles & you've got it! Sorry I didn't get a tutorial on video...I messed it
Oh well, thanks so much for stopping by...Till Next Time!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Creating on the Curve an Altered Wine Bottle

Hi everyone Lyn here from LynzCraftz & I've got a super fun project to share with you today, Trash to treasure style! An altered wine bottle turned into a beautiful underwater Mermaid Treasure.
I started with the Amazing Casting Resin components for this project & formed some of them around the bottle after they had set up but while they were still curing. You can check out a simple tutorial on this here Pouring Amazing Casting Resin Tips while not my original idea it's a brilliant tip.
Then using some alcohol inks, polymer clay & sand texture paste I created the background, added the curved frame & gave it all some paint...acrylic of course. The frame has a lovely vintage mermaid image that I used some patina on. The I draped some chain, glass beads & some more Amazing Casting Resin charms from.

I love anything underwater/ocean themed so this was a natural for me & so much fun! I want to thank you all for joining me here today on Amazing Casting Products! You can check out my other works on my blog LynzCraftz, my YT channel LynzCraftz or on my Facebook page LynzCraftz.

Ever wanted to curve your resin? Try it, it's easy!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Vintage Faux Leather Book Box

Hi everyone Lyn here again with another bit of Inspiration...a Book Box! I created this book box out of recycled card board with faux leather texture created from a brown paper sack & some resin details.
I have a video on my YouTube channel if your interested in how I created this piece.

I created the molds using some Amazing Mold Putty & Amazing Mold Rubber then I molded the frame & book corners using Amazing Casting Resin. These are the perfect blanks to work some creative magic on. A little paint, patina & they're ready to use on what ever project you've got in mind.
A vintage printed image under a little tinted Amazing Clear Cast Resin completes the look! Wow so fun!
    What will you use your Amazing Casting Resin blanks to create? Make it Amazing!

Thanks so much for joining me today with Amazing Casting Products...Till Next Time!

You can find more of my work on my blog LynzCraftz on my FaceBook page LynzCraftz or on my YouTube channel LynzCraftz.