Thursday, April 28, 2016

Shop Talk & Steamer Trunks

 Just a quick Hello this morning from N. Texas! I don't normally take hey it's a lovely day & the sun is shining! Seriously though my reason for stopping by today is just to promote my shop a bit & to just chat & share a bit of what I've been up-to lately.

First if you click on the pic. below it will take you to my etsy shop, I've been tweaking around with it a bit lately.
I've listed my recent jewelry pieces & I'm thinking about adding some of my cloth dolls & some of my mixed media work? Still thinking about that.

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I've also been altering my Grandfathers paint box, just a plywood box he had made to store his mixed paints in...he was a woodcarver & such a creative soul...I miss him daily.
Here's what it looked like inside(sorry I always forget to take a before
 I added some details with some fun foam...the straps, corners & the handle strapping are all fun foam. The handles are made of resin & I created them from a mold of an actually trunk handles my Hubby found while hunting Arrowheads a few weeks ago.
The I did the faux finish with DecoArt products & Andy Skinner's rust techniques. Super Fun!

Just a plain plywood box & now it has so much personality...It's magic!
Find something to alter & then go for it, it really is wonderful to give new life to something sitting in the corner or forgotten. Sound like a good excuse to go garage sale hunting to
Thanks so much for joining me today...Till Next Time!

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