Friday, January 30, 2015

A little Celtic Love Journal Cover

I know I'm a bit early for St. Patric's Day but since I love green I just couldn't help myself! Again I used Premo clays with a little SculpeyIII thrown in for good measure. I used some rubber stamps & some of my own molds to create this Rockin' Celtic themed journal cover.

Again it's a tiny composition notebook that comes in a three pack from the dollar store. I love the way the rubber stamped Knight came out(lower right). I enhanced it all with a bit of metallic flakes & some Inka Gold in the Green Yellow color to bring out the details. Sweet...right? The lucky charm coin & the polymer clay heart charm give it the final finishing touch! The heart charm has some liquid sculpey with green glitter inside the hollow of the heart. I'm truly enjoying these tiny little journal covers...they're sweet & fun!
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Simple Valentine Polymer Clay Journal Cover

Valentines Day for most folks is anything but simple but when you've been married as long as my Hubby & I have(yes we're high school sweethearts) it does tend to get a bit over-simplified sometimes. So for Valentines Day this year I created "A Simple Valentine" for all you long time lovers out there.

Created from Pearl Premo clay & Red Pearl Premo with a rubber stamped motif on a tiny spiral notebook. It embodies all of the feelings of the Holiday & then some. Antiqued with acrylic paint in brown & red to give it an antique feel.

Then for a bit of movement I added a dangling charm with a Valentine envelope. So a Happy Valentines Day to one & all. Make it yours & have fun!
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Monday, January 19, 2015

My First Polymer Clay Journal Cover...The Pirates Treasure Map!

I've wanted to create a journal cover for so long now, I've just been putting it off. It seemed like it would consume quite a bit of clay & my supplies are always limited. So I started small...just a tiny composition notebook...3 1/4''x4 1/2''. First I reinforced the cover with some recycled cardboard & then I went to work...& yes I baked it on the notebook, although I probably wont next time. It did curl up the pages a tiny bit.

The Pirates Treasure Map
It's a coastal map of Florida, a common pirate haunt. There are a lot of sunken ships along the Floria coast, where treasure seekers roam the waters. So I created this journal cover as a tribute to Pirates & Treasure seekers alike. Using Premo clay, my dotting tool & a few of my molds, I went for it! I really like the way it turned out & I'm already working on another...A Simple Valentine. I'll share it next time!
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ancient Inspiration "The Pharaohs Treasure"

 I have an obsessive love of Art History & Ancient History and I'm often inspired by works of Ancient Artists who's names are lost to History. I simply adore Ancient Egyptian artifacts, their golden glimmer & bright gemstones draw me in to their world of wonder & exotic imagination. So today I share a pendant I've created entirely out of Premo clay, 100% handmade using no molds.

It's a large pendant as you can see 3''x7 1/2''. The bail is also handmade from Premo clay & is designed so that the pendant can sway & move freely from the bail. The beads & the Ank(symbol of life) are also polymer clay. Truly a work of heart!
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Friday, January 9, 2015

A few more with the "Gems" mold

I have a few more pendants to share with gems created from the mod molds. I'm really lovin' this Faux wood grain, acrylic painting under UV resin & my own handmade bezels all from Premo by Sculpey polymer clay.

These have been so much fun to create & I'm sure you'll see
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015 the future!

Ok well, it was still the future last! It's 2015 & time to put this party in gear with some new polymer clay pendants. I've used a few of the "gems" I made from the mod molds & Sculpey Premo & Sculpey III. I'm really enjoying the difference in the faceted surface of these"gems", they are really fueling my creativity!

These are just the first four I created this past weekend. I feel it was a very productive New Years & I hope it is just a taste of things to come!
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