Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ancient Inspiration "The Pharaohs Treasure"

 I have an obsessive love of Art History & Ancient History and I'm often inspired by works of Ancient Artists who's names are lost to History. I simply adore Ancient Egyptian artifacts, their golden glimmer & bright gemstones draw me in to their world of wonder & exotic imagination. So today I share a pendant I've created entirely out of Premo clay, 100% handmade using no molds.

It's a large pendant as you can see 3''x7 1/2''. The bail is also handmade from Premo clay & is designed so that the pendant can sway & move freely from the bail. The beads & the Ank(symbol of life) are also polymer clay. Truly a work of heart!
Thanks you so much for stopping by today...Till Next Time!


  1. You already know I love this! I had to come take another look though.

  2. Thanks Susie, I had a blast creating this piece!

  3. I really enjoy your creativity.. Please explain the purpose of dunking polymer clay pieces in cold water.... Keep creating....

    1. Hi Rhonda, the purpose of plunging the pieces into cold water is to strengthen the clay & when using transparent/translucent clay to help with the clarity. It helps considerably! Thanks for stopping by!