Thursday, March 16, 2017

Art Nouveau Jewelry Design

Hi everyone, Lyn from LynzCraftz here with a somewhat surprising project! I wanted to reproduce a rather complex piece of jewelry I had just created, from resin. First off I'll share the original piece of jewelry I created...

All polymer clay & inspired by the Designer Rene' Lalique it is unfortunately rather heavy so I thought why not create one from Amazing Casting resin?
First I started with the frame...I created the frame, baked it, then I used Amazing Mold Putty to reproduce it.

Then using Amazing Casting Resin, I poured it & let it cure. I did the same steps for the faux glass section, this time using Amazing Clear Cast Resin & a bit of Alumilite Dye.

Looking good so far, right?

Using Alumilite Metallic Powder in Silver on the first one when I poured the resin, the second one I decided to paint the frame a rich yummy Bronze. I love the different finishes that can be achieved this way. The look of clear or frosted glass especially comes across so nicely. This was such a fun project I'm looking forward to the next one!

                                                    What combos could you think of?

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine's Day Conversation Hearts

Hi everyone, Lyn Gill here again...Let's have a conversation about...what else "Conversation Hearts"! A quaint Valentines Tradition, little candy hearts with a message for your loved one inscribed on the front. So why not create them in resin?
First I sculpted the hearts out of Super Sculpey, I made them double sided so I could mold 2 off of each heart.
I used Amazing Mold Putty & created molds for each side. I them mixed up my Amazing Casting Resin with some Alumilite Dye in 2 cups(1 red & 1 pink) & the 3rd I left uncolored, then poured & let cure. After they cure & were removed I mixed up some Amazing Clear Cast with some Alumilite Dye in Red & some red glitter to make the last 2.
I used acrylic paint in the lettering with a fine detail brush & the bowl was created using Cat Kerr's demo from CHA using an embossing folder & Amazing Casting Resin formed over a bowl while still pliable.
What a super cute & fun project!

                                What Valentine's Day inspiration have you come up with this year?

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

"Waves on the Sand" Resin Pour using Amazing Clear Cast Resin

Yet another practice piece "Waves on the Sand" started out on a piece of foam core board. I created some texture with some modeling paste, some random glue gun drips(from my glue gun & 3 small resin rocks that I created from a mold I made from a piece of Pyrite. I then painted the background color with some acrylic paint...

OK liking the look so far...I then mixed up so Amazing Clear Cast Resin & separated it into different cups. To one I added Ocean Blue Alumilite Dye & a bit of Pearlescent mica powder, to another I added some gold mica powder, to another I added some white acrylic paint(just a bit, no more than 5% by volume or it will retard the hardening of the resin) & some pearl mica powder, then to the last cup I added only white pearl mica powder...I stirred each cup...then I poured the Ocean Blue Resin & half of the white pearl resin into the same cup(but didn't stir them together)& slowly poured it onto the top left portion of the "canvas" allowing it to settle & pushing the rest with my stir stick so that it covered the edges, I also made sure that it went into the textured areas somewhat. Then I repeated this process with the gold resin & poured the other half of the pearl resin into the cup with the gold(still without stirring) & slowly poured it onto the bottom eight of the "canvas" again allowing it to settle & pushing it to the edges with my stir stick.

I then took the white resin(the one with the acrylic paint & pearl mica powder)& slowly drizzled it from my stir stick in a back & forth motion to simulate waves. I did this on both halves of the "canvas". Then let it cure for a couple of hours before repeating the process with the white resin & more Amazing Clear Cast resin.

The difference is especially noticeable amongst the rocks. I let the entire piece cure overnight.
Such a fulfilling experiment! I love how the textured area turned out although it's a little difficult to see in the pictures. much Fun, like a Day at the
Well thanks again for joining me today...Till Next Time!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Grey Winter Skies!

A close up of "Grey Winter Skies" but you can't see the depths of the piece so close in so lets back up...

Sparkly & Shimmery Silver, Pearl & White with the look of thin wispy clouds. Just another fun resin practice pour. Hopefully working toward my counter tops someday soon?

Friday, December 30, 2016

New Years Party Wall Art

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hi everyone, Lyn Gill here again for this months inspirational post. This time it's my first try with resin painting/pouring & I love it! It's just a piece of Foam Board but it's the perfect thing to practice on.
Using just 16 drams of Amazing Clear Cast resin (8 drams of pt A & 8 of pt B) in the measuring cup, after mixing I divided it into into 5 different cups & colored each one separately with a little Alumilite Dye & Alumidust in different colors then poured them each(except the white pearl) back into the larger mixing cup without re-stirring. Then I pour the whole mixing cup onto the foam board at one time & allowed it to settle, tilting the board when needed to get the resin to cover the board. Then I dropped little drops of the white pearl resin(Amazing Clear Cast & Pearl Alumidust)  in various areas of the board & let it cure over night. If you try this be sure to cover your work surface with waxed paper or some other protection as this can be a messy project.
The results are stunning! I'm crazy about this technique & will definitely try more!

Gorgeous right? It was so much fun & I love the randomness of the finished two will ever be the same! Much more in the New Year I promise!

                                     Do you have any crafty New Years resolutions?

Well than you so much for joining me again this month at Amazing Casting Products & Have an Amazing New Year!...Till Next Time!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Christmas Cabin

Hello everyone Lyn Gill here again this time with a fun Christmas project...The Christmas Cabin! It's a little Electric Tea Light Holder I created for the Holidays...

I created the main pieces from Super Sculpey, just simple shapes kind of like a paper doll house.

Then I molded them using Amazing Mold this point I was super excited about the outcome!
I then mixed some Amazing Casting Resin with some Alumilite Dye in Native American Fleshtone since I wanted a more redish brown color & let it cure in the molds. After de-molding I brushed on a little more of the dye to give it the true look of wood. I then lined the back of the window with painters tape & poured a little bit of Amazing Clear Cast tinted with yellow Alumilite Dye & let it set up overnight. For the roof pieces  I left the white color of the Amazing Casting Resin.

I added some of the details(tree, shrub, wreath, door & window shutters) using the Super Sculpey, Snow Texture & acrylic paints and created the base from Super Sculpey as well.

So fun & festive! It truly shines a little light on the Holidays!
                    What Christmas Decor will you create using Amazing Casting Products this year?
Well thank you so much for stopping by the share these Holiday memories with me & have a Merry Christmas one & all...Till Next Time!

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

My Family Tradition "Christmas Pins"

Hi everyone it's Lyn Gill here again. This time with my Christmas pins for this year. As I did a post on this last year I though I would continue with the tradition my Grandfather started many years ago...Christmas Pins! Now my Grandfather was a wood carver & made beautiful pin so I thought I would continue the tradition.

First I started with my original sculpt of the Christmas Tree out of Super Sculpey Polymer Clay then a created a mold from Amazing Mold Putty. I was just a simple sculpt but that's part of the tradition.

Then I began to add various glitters, Alumilite dust, Alumilite Dyes & a touch of glitter glue to the ornaments for the final results...

I always enjoy creating these little gifts for family & friends at this joyous time of year & I hope you'll give it a try. Create a new tradition this year with little handmade gifts.
Thank you so much for joining me today to share one of my families traditions & have a very Merry Christmas!
                                   What new family traditions will you add to the holidays this year?

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