Sunday, June 30, 2013

Polymer Clay "Artifacts"

It's no secret that I have a love of History & Art History in particular. So the next few pieces are inspired by ancient historical artifacts. These first pieces are inspired by Celtic art...

"Celtic Cross"

These pieces are some of my favorites & were created with a mix of silver clay & some pearl-ex powders & the green stones are transparent clay, a mix of different green clays with some gold Martha Stewert Leaf glitter & some micro-fine green glitters. I wish the pics showed the depth a bit better, the tube beads are really stunning.
"Celtic Cross" with flash
The next piece is a faux flint hunting knife. This piece is created with a faux bone handle that is ivory & transparent clay & the blade is a mix of browns with a bit of transparent clay. The blade was "carved" while in the raw state & has a wonderful pattern of colors. The whole piece was antiqued after baking & then glazed.
"The Hunter's Blade"

"The Hunter's Blade" with flash
This next piece is inspired by some carved whale ivory Tribal art. Again this piece is ivory & transparent clay used for a faux ivory look...
"Tribal Shark"
I think this piece would be perfect on the beach!
  This next piece is another of my favorites & a fine example of how individual the faux stones can turn out. The arrowhead is a combination of a pearl blue clay & silver glitter & the bezel is silver clay with some antiquing. The accessory beads & the center stone which is very unique, are transparent clay with the pearl blue & some glitters but if you look closely at the center stone you can almost see the image of a warrior in the stone...

"The Spirit Warrior"
I think that's about all for today. I'm working on some stones & beads today for some future projects. I'll try to post the results in the next few days just to catch you up on what I've been working on. Thanks for stopping by...Till Next Time!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Zipper Pulls" To dangle off your purse or even use as a pendant .These little zipper pulls are a great way to add a little decoration to your ensemble. The first piece is polymer clay with pearl-ex powders with a faux abalone look. The second one has a bit of gold leafing on the top with a stamp embossed background.

The third piece is the same faux abalone as the first one but with a water removable tattoo & liquid sculpey with glitter on top. The final tiny piece is blue & gold clay stamp embossed with Magic Glos on top. While these are fairly simple pieces they are super fun to make & great for craft bazaar's & fairs/trade shows. Well that's it for today...unless I surprise myself & post 2 in one Till Next Time!

Friday, June 28, 2013

"In the Green"...well Today's post is a few pendants in green. Polymer clay with pearl-ex powders & glitters. What can I say other is my favorite color! These first 2 pieces are filmed without the flash to show the pearlescence of the clays.
Mokume Gane technique with glaze

Polished but with no glaze

"Summer Wheat"
"In the Money" Polymer Clay Worry Stone I know the last one's not green but it made me think that A few years ago I created polymer clay pocket/worry stones for all the men in my family. This one was an extra but there were quite a a baseball, a shell, piece of faux bone & even a dinosaur claw for my nephew. I really enjoyed making them, just a little trinket for the guys to carry in their pocket so when they reach their hand in their pocket & feel it, they think of me. Well that's all for today & thanks for stopping by...Till Next Time!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

 "Journey/Story Charms & beads" these are sets of charms & beads in themed collections that represent a story or journey. These are just pure fun for creating unique charm necklaces & pendant pieces.
"Love Struck"

"Dreams for the Dreamer"

"Midnight Rendezvous"


"Nature Walk"

 These pieces where created with various techniques including...colored pencil transfer to raw clay, faux finishes, stamps & mold & pearl-ex powders. Some of my glitterbeads, glitterstones & pearlstones. Even a few pieces of faux coral & driftwood. Well, that's all for today. As always, thanks for stopping by... Till Next Time!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pendants, pendants, pendants...I'm crazy about pendants! I thought I would begin to share just a few at a time since there are a lot of them. Today I'll start with some "Skull Pendants" made from Polymer Clay, kids tattoos(the removable kind you put on with water), some glitters & Magic Glos. I just love the way these turn out & they're super easy. I'll put this on the tutorial list to cover eventually.
"Skull Pendants"

Next are a few "mokume gane" technique pieces. This is a somewhat complex technique & there are many tutorials online showcasing this technique, maybe someday I'll work-up a tutorial on some of these as well.
"Neon Blossoms"

"Sparkling Stars"
Well, just a few pieces to start with but there's many more to come. So thank you so much for stopping by...Till Next Time!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rolled inclusion polymer clay beads & cabochons

Here are a sampling of the fruits of my past 3 days labor...44 pieces, plus the ones in the oven waiting to be baked. Beads, cabochons & shaped specialty beads all done with a rolled inclusion technique. The inclusions include glitters of different types, alcohol inks & even embossing powders all rolled in transparent polymer clay. I've also posted a full video tutorial on this technique on YT. Thanks for stopping by & Till Next Time!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

"The Twilight Fairy"...Well I'm feeling a good bit stronger today, so I thought I'd share a piece I created while recuperating. I'm not a good patient...I get bored too So I thought I could at least do some polymer clay experimenting & work on a few pieces. I've up-loaded a video on the pieces I worked on & will try to have a tutorial up early next week. I did shoot a few stills of "The Twilight Fairy" pendant I created last weekend...
"The Twilight Fairy"
She was created using the colored pencil transfer method that I showed on one of my past videos. I've used Lisa Pavelka's Magic Glos UV resin over the image with an embossed foil tape outer band. The wings are blue clay with individual feathers on a solid background. I used some black acrylic antiquing & LSG spray in Silent Night Silver then rubbed with Folk Art Metallic Acrylic paint in Blue Sapphire & Metallic Amethyst.
It was good to concentrated on something creative instead of on how cruddy I felt & I'm so thankful to be feeling a good bit better. I'm rarely sick & not used to taking so long to recover. So till next time!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Hubby's Book Box & Bookmark" is an altered book box I created using the G45 Olde Curiosity Shoppe paper collection. I really enjoyed creating this piece for the man in my life for the last 33 yrs. I thought this would be nice to place on the bedside table to throw change & other things from his pockets into. I created the book box itself from recycled chipboard. The spine is embossed cardstock that I ran through my bigshot with the cuttlebug "DeVine Swirls" embossing folder & the heat embossed it with the Ranger embossing powder in Copper & then I sprayed it lightly with LSG spray in Mission Bells Brown. I cover the book in paper from the collection & used stickers & chipboard embellishments also from the collection. There's lots of details on this one & I have a YT video on it as well.
"Hubby's Book Box & Bookmark"
I'll try to update this after the video uploads & also get a shot of the inside. Thanks for stopping by, Till next time!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

"Follow Your Dreams" is a Wall Art Shrine I created for a YT challenge hosted by Liz Russell. I wanted to do a more industrial piece so I search through my recycled stash & this is what I came up with. I used a recycled soda box for the house & added some hot glue details for the brick texture. Then after I painted the house with Black acrylic paint I sprayed it with LSG sprays in Gossamer Gold, Mission Bells Brown & Silent Night Silver. The gold face is polymer clay & I have a YT video "Just face it" where I showcased some different variations of the same face. I used some chipboard letters that I painted with some Black acrylic paint & added some Ranger embossing powders in Copper, Silver & Gold. The wings are also chipboard with hot glue details painted black & sprayed with the Silent Night Silver then rubbed with some silver acrylic paint over the top The disk is also a recycled piece painted black & sprayed with the LSG sprays in the same colors.
"Follow Your Dreams" 
Thanks so much for stopping by, till next time!