Friday, June 28, 2013

"In the Green"...well Today's post is a few pendants in green. Polymer clay with pearl-ex powders & glitters. What can I say other is my favorite color! These first 2 pieces are filmed without the flash to show the pearlescence of the clays.
Mokume Gane technique with glaze

Polished but with no glaze

"Summer Wheat"
"In the Money" Polymer Clay Worry Stone I know the last one's not green but it made me think that A few years ago I created polymer clay pocket/worry stones for all the men in my family. This one was an extra but there were quite a a baseball, a shell, piece of faux bone & even a dinosaur claw for my nephew. I really enjoyed making them, just a little trinket for the guys to carry in their pocket so when they reach their hand in their pocket & feel it, they think of me. Well that's all for today & thanks for stopping by...Till Next Time!

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