Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Welcome...to the future!

Ok well, it was still the future last week...lol! It's 2015 & time to put this party in gear with some new polymer clay pendants. I've used a few of the "gems" I made from the mod molds & Sculpey Premo & Sculpey III. I'm really enjoying the difference in the faceted surface of these"gems", they are really fueling my creativity!

These are just the first four I created this past weekend. I feel it was a very productive New Years & I hope it is just a taste of things to come!
Thanks so much for stopping by today! Till Next Time!


  1. Where can I get bezels to fit these molded pieces? I love the way these look and I have some Ideas of my own I'd like to try out but I don't know where to get the right Bezels.

    1. Hi Kandace, I make all my own bezels & they're polymer clay as well. I will have an upcoming tutorial on my process, it would have been up today but my camera hates me! Some days it just won't film video...lol.

    2. Kandace, Mod Podge also sells bezels that will fit these Mod Molds. You can probably find them online or just about any craft store under that brand name. So sorry I totally forgot, but they are just plane bezels.