Friday, April 22, 2016

Sparkly Carousel Resin Ponies

Hello again, Lyn Gill here & I was inspired this week by some paper ponies I saw...I just knew I could make them in resin!
In this project I used the Amazing Remelt & I think i really put it through it's paces...I molded it in a foam board box(paper line foam board) & I made the horse pattern from a recycled box glued to fun foam, of course I used plenty of mold release. When I poured the Amazing Remelt in & let it set up I was surprised at how easy it actually was to remove. I used some Amazing Clear Cast resin with various Alumilite Dyes & Alumidust & a touch of glittered embossing powder to make these adorable ponies!

These would make such a cute piece of wall art or hanging from the bottom of some windchimes. Or maybe on a princesses door! Their so fun & so easy to create!

                 What type of paper craft could you reproduce in resin? Think of the possibilities!

Well thank you so much for joining is today here at Amazing Casting Products!...Till Next Time!

As always you can find my work here on my Blog LynzCraftz where I also have a pattern for this project,   or on YouTube at LynzCraftz or on my Facebook page at LynzCraftz 

Sparkling Carousel Resin Pony

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  1. lady, you are so crafty. Of course I love love love the ponies.

  2. Thank you so much! They were such fun! Stay tuned...I did some dolls too! Lyn