Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"The Wings of Isis"
One of my firsts loves is polymer clay. I'm completely drawn to it, the texture, the silky feel of it. "The Wings of Isis" was inspired by Egyptian art & jewelry. The center stone is a combination of transparent, pearl blue, a transparent blue mix of polymer clays & gold micro fine glitters. After sanding & polishing it's topped with a gloss acrylic sealer. The bezel is gold clay with acrylic paint & antiquing & a matte sealer. I like to use SculpeyIII & Premo clays in my jewelry, I really like the workability & the color selections.
This piece "Falling Copper Leaves" was one of my first pendants. The center stone is my attempt at a faux Sunstone. The glaze this time is liquid Sculpey, my first & only time to use it this way. Great results just a bit messy. The bezel again is gold clay but I've used some copper Pearl-x to add some copper highlights & finished it off with some antiquing & a satin acrylic sealer.
"Falling Copper Leaves"
   Well back to a little organizing & spring cleaning. I really need to set up a photo booth & get some better pictures for the next post so stay tuned for that...till next time!

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