Friday, February 6, 2015

A Little Detective Work

A bit of sleuthing is in order today as we take another look at journal covers. This time a full sized version! First I reinforced the covers with recycled chipboard & patterned paper, this time from G45's A Proper Gentleman series. It has a very vintage Victorian feel to it which was perfect for the project. Then I took a stamp set(again from my dear friend Judy who got it & many others at an auction) & some Premo & Sculpey clays & went to town stamping. Then I baked the pieces on my large glass tile. After they cooled I applied some Inka Gold colors in gold, copper & a bit of silver, then I gave it a good buff with a soft cloth. Next I created a ring of clay & baked that & after it was cooled I coated the back of it with blue painter's tape/masking tape! Now here's the fun part...I filled the ring a little less than half way with UV resin & cured it under my light. Afterwards I removed the tape & lightly coated the back surface just to make it completely clear since the tape does leave a bit of foggy texture. Then I created the handle for this magnifying glass with some leftover wood grain texture & Wow did it look great! Just like a vintage magnifying glass, I even added an inked thumb print to it just for detail! Then I placed in on the cover over the stamped image of an eye with some Glossy Accents glue. The perfect stereotypical image for a detective I think!

The Keys & the Clock face are from my own molds & the keyring & tiny rhinestone are the only non-clay pieces on the project! I absolutely love the way it turned out! Vintage yumminess!
Thanks so much for stopping by today...Till Next Time!

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