Thursday, February 26, 2015

Polymer Clay Steampunk Mica Shift Collar style necklace

I haven't done any Mica Shift work in a while so I thought since I was still in a Steampunk frame of mind I would do a little playing around. Well for me playing around often leads to some serious work. Again some Premo & SculpeyIII clay, a set of Hero Arts Stamps & the Industrial set of Mod Molds & here's he result...

Not only is there a lovely ombre effect of the 2 colors of gold clay but the wonderful effect of the Mica Shift as well. It's actually 3 layers of clay, the thin layer of Mica Shift backed with another thin layer of gold clay is baked/cured on the back a large stoneware dinner plate. Then I added another thicker layer of gold clay, embossed with a texture sheet, to the back of the piece using some bake-n-bond. Again baked/cured on the dinner plate. Sanded & buffed then sealed with Rustoleum Ultimate Polyurethane(water based) it has a silky smooth finish. The gears are also textured gold clay painted with a raw umber acrylic paint using a stencil brush then a layer of black acrylic paint was rubbed on here & there to give them an aged look, these have also been sealed.
Soft but rugged, this is a fun piece.
Thank you so much for stopping by...Till Next Time!

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