Monday, April 7, 2014

"Southern Beauty" in polymer clay

 Wow, has it been a while or what? I desperately need to do some catching up with everything I've been up to lately, but today I have just one piece to share. What a wonderful pendant it is too...! The owners of our local liquor store did some custom ordering for a bottle of one of my favorite tequilas & then she even ordered me a fantastic spicy bloody mary mix that she had recommended & it is great...I like'em spicy! So as a thank you to her for all she's done, I made a rather bold statement piece(she loves bold jewelry) with a definite Texas/southwestern flair...

"Southern Beauty"
I absolutely love this piece! Hubby is supposed to deliver it to her this evening on his way home. So if she's working this evening I should get to hear her reactions & I'll post that later.
 Silver Premo as well as white & turquoise Premo as well as a few genuine turquoise nuggets & Czech glass beads all come together for this one. It was so much fun to work on with a recipient in mind. I made a matching set of earring also, with the turquoise nuggets & Czech glass beads but I forgot to get a picture of those.
 Well...I have so much more to share & I'll try to get to those asap. I've finally caught up on a few things so maybe I find some more time to get in the studio to create more of these southern wonders...not just "work"!
Thanks so much for stopping by & as always...Till Next Time!

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