Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Metal Fever with Polymer Clay!

As I continue on with my experiments into the fascinating world of Swellegant on Polymer Clay I have to give a few of the Spirit/Goddess ladies a try...

Oh these were so fun! You know I just had to do more...lol!

Oh believe me when I say..."there will be more"...lol! Well enough for today, I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day Weekend. Ours was a complete wash-out. It's rained, stormed & flooded all weekend with a few tornadoes & lots of damage and grief for a lot of folks here in Texas...but we're lucky to be safe & sound so far.
Thanks so much for stopping by...Till Next Time!


  1. They are "WAY COOL" as my Redneck and I say! Good luck selling them all.

    p.s.: I gave my Dr's. nurse the pendant I made for her and she loved it! Thanks again for your amazing videos and giving me the inspiration to create some pieces for my friends.

  2. Thank you so much! Aw, I'll bet she did love it! How sweet of you to think of her & to give back...you Rock, more than you know! Thanks again & thanks for the inspiration!

  3. How do you manage to bake the polymer clay when its actually on the bottle? Does the bottle not explode or crack? What temperature do you bake them at? I'm only asking because I love watching your videos on altered bottles and I'd like to try and make one!

    Thanks Veronica

  4. Hi Veronica, the polymer clay bakes wonderfully on the bottle as long as the clay goes all the way around the bottle. It doesn't have to cover the bottle completely but it does need to go all the way around. I bake them at the same temp no matter the application & usually for an hour at least. I hope this helps, Veronica & thanks so much for stopping by. Lyn