Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Polymer Clay Working in Layers

I'm starting a new series of tutorials on YT this week on Working in Layers to create a pendant. Here's what I started with in the image above...a resin face(one of my over pour so it wasn't even a whole face), a resin pocketwatch & some metal gears. With some Gold Premo Polymer clay I'll show you how I created this pendant...

Really fun, right? I know she still needs a paint job but that's for the next video. This piece has 4 layers but others can have many more. The resin pocketwatch was already painted with bronze acrylic paint & a faux patina, (it's ok to bake most acrylic paints at clay temps) so I'll try to use a paint scheme that.will go with that look. So stay tuned & check out my YT channel.
...Till Next Time!

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