Monday, March 25, 2013

Hot Glue Art Easter Eggs

My entry for...Art To The Eggstreme contest! Lindy's Stamp Gang

My first order & I love these products! Gorgeous rich colors & loads of shimmer. Plastic Easter eggs, gesso, hot glue, acrylic paint & Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays combine to create these beautifully shimmery Easter Eggs. I also did a short tutorial on how I created these little gems  on YT that is uploading now. The contest runs till the 31st so there's still time to enter. Till next time!

  Lindy's Stamp Gangs sprays used...

Metallic Eggs...

Gossamer Gold...Golden Sleigh Bells...Cactus Gold

Mission Bells Brown...Cocoa Bean Copper

Scintillating Silver...Silent Night Silver 

Colored Eggs...

Frosted Forget Me Nots

Cocoa Bean Copper...Gossamer Gold

Cactus Gold...Golden Sleigh Bells 


  1. Great idea, using the hot glue gun! Love your eggs!

    1. Thank you so much Jessica & thank you for being the first commenter on my new blog I really appreciate it!