Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hubby's Photography

Ok so who knew...I've only been married to the guy for almost 30 years...but...Hubby been trying his hand at photography! So I thought I just had to share these gorgeous photos...

I know...right!!! Awesome! I was so impressed, especially since he'd never even used my camera before. Not to mention I had no idea there were that many different varieties of mushrooms in our woods. I know now I'll be sharing these more often cause he'll be hooked...lol. Thanks for stopping by & feel free to leave him a little feedback...he'll get a kick outta that...lol. Thanks for stopping by...Till Next Time!


  1. Lyn, these are some amazing photos. Tell your hubby he's got talent. It's not easy to get that kind of shot. Hugs! Wendy

  2. Thank you so much Wendy, he was very moved by your complement. He's quite the self critic. Thanks girl, hope things are good for you!

  3. These are awesome photo's,tell the Hubby he did a fantastic job for his first shoot !! Can't wait to see what comes next !! I live in the boon docks out in the middle of no where and we too find some great things in the woods,some days it is magical to be out there. Again tell hubby awesome job !!! XX Kelly
    PS. Love your Blog here :) I shared on my facebook :)