Thursday, December 18, 2014

There's Nothing Like a Bit of Bling!

It's no secret that I love sparkle...the more sparkly the But not everyone likes glitter everywhere. My Hubby will come home & say "you've got glitter on" or "you've been playing with glitter again, haven't you?" I'll have glitter on my face(my hands, my somewhere! Well the next solution rhinestones! Yes those little hot fix rhinestones make great embellishments in your polymer clay projects! Problem solved...well except how to use them. A little Bake-N-Bond does the job very nicely! So here's just a few of the pendants I've done using these gorgeous little "gems"...

Dragonfly Dreams

Butterfly Breezes

I think they are wonderful & so sparkly! So if you looking to add some sparkle to your polymer clay jewelry give these little "gems" a try. You may just be glad you did!
I've got a tutorial on the Butterfly pendant on my YT channel for anyone interested.
Thanks again for stopping by...Till Next Time!


  1. Good morning Lyn! I know you have a video with a pirate's treasure chest you made, but I can't find it on your YouTube. It's not the treasure trinket box video. I am trying to find the one that has the false bottom and the jewels and doubloons in it. Would you mind sending me the link please? Thanks Lyn! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas?

    1. Hi Lisa, we had a good Christmas & I hope you & yours did too!
      I think you must be talking about the one from my how I got my start in polymer clay video...with the mermaid...& no I did not do a tutorial/video on that one. They were all made before I had the internet. Sorry about that but if there's any particular thing about it I could answer please ask, maybe I could help.