Friday, November 6, 2015

The Whispy Face

I did some resculpting on my face mold recently & made a mold of it using Amazing Mold Putty.
I absolutely love the results! Using Premo by Sculpey I made 2 pendants using the mold with some added details for the hair & leaves blowing in the wind.

These 2 pendants will be available in my etsy shop early next week so stop on by if your interested! Thanks for spending a few minutes today with me...Till Next Time!


  1. Those faces are the best yet. Loveeeeeee them. And then to have the foresite to make a mold of it before you use that one face in a project.. Smart thinking now if I can just remember to do that with things I make from my thought's. Iam not as good as you not even half as good 😹 but I working on it. Everything I make looks like a six year old did it lol getting better. Last week it looked like a three year old made it. Thanks again for you're inst.and great videos I truely enjoying them.

  2. I was inspired by a bust I saw & I knew I had to try it...when it came out so good I wanted to make a mold. It doesn't always happen on the first I'm so glad I did. I'm wanting to build up my collection of faces. Thanks Barbara!
    Art is subjective...I see 3 & 6 year old art in museums all the time! Nothing wrong with that. You just keep at it, you'll be where you want to be in no time!
    Thanks again!