Thursday, January 26, 2017

"Waves on the Sand" Resin Pour using Amazing Clear Cast Resin

Yet another practice piece "Waves on the Sand" started out on a piece of foam core board. I created some texture with some modeling paste, some random glue gun drips(from my glue gun & 3 small resin rocks that I created from a mold I made from a piece of Pyrite. I then painted the background color with some acrylic paint...

OK liking the look so far...I then mixed up so Amazing Clear Cast Resin & separated it into different cups. To one I added Ocean Blue Alumilite Dye & a bit of Pearlescent mica powder, to another I added some gold mica powder, to another I added some white acrylic paint(just a bit, no more than 5% by volume or it will retard the hardening of the resin) & some pearl mica powder, then to the last cup I added only white pearl mica powder...I stirred each cup...then I poured the Ocean Blue Resin & half of the white pearl resin into the same cup(but didn't stir them together)& slowly poured it onto the top left portion of the "canvas" allowing it to settle & pushing the rest with my stir stick so that it covered the edges, I also made sure that it went into the textured areas somewhat. Then I repeated this process with the gold resin & poured the other half of the pearl resin into the cup with the gold(still without stirring) & slowly poured it onto the bottom eight of the "canvas" again allowing it to settle & pushing it to the edges with my stir stick.

I then took the white resin(the one with the acrylic paint & pearl mica powder)& slowly drizzled it from my stir stick in a back & forth motion to simulate waves. I did this on both halves of the "canvas". Then let it cure for a couple of hours before repeating the process with the white resin & more Amazing Clear Cast resin.

The difference is especially noticeable amongst the rocks. I let the entire piece cure overnight.
Such a fulfilling experiment! I love how the textured area turned out although it's a little difficult to see in the pictures. much Fun, like a Day at the
Well thanks again for joining me today...Till Next Time!

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