Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine's Day Conversation Hearts

Hi everyone, Lyn Gill here again...Let's have a conversation about...what else "Conversation Hearts"! A quaint Valentines Tradition, little candy hearts with a message for your loved one inscribed on the front. So why not create them in resin?
First I sculpted the hearts out of Super Sculpey, I made them double sided so I could mold 2 off of each heart.
I used Amazing Mold Putty & created molds for each side. I them mixed up my Amazing Casting Resin with some Alumilite Dye in 2 cups(1 red & 1 pink) & the 3rd I left uncolored, then poured & let cure. After they cure & were removed I mixed up some Amazing Clear Cast with some Alumilite Dye in Red & some red glitter to make the last 2.
I used acrylic paint in the lettering with a fine detail brush & the bowl was created using Cat Kerr's demo from CHA using an embossing folder & Amazing Casting Resin formed over a bowl while still pliable.
What a super cute & fun project!

                                What Valentine's Day inspiration have you come up with this year?

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  1. I'm so new, I have bought stuff, I'm just stuck. Seems like you do a lot of molding and I haven't even tried using it yet. Do you mold everything you make?

  2. Hi Donna, I don't mold everything I make even though I do make molds for many of my components. All my molds are either from creations I sculpted or from found objects, like gears/ wingnuts etc. I'm on the design team for Amazing Casting