Thursday, July 13, 2017

DIY Polymer Clay Mermaid Bowl tutorial

Hi everyone Lyn here again, this time with a Mermaid bowl! Super fun & easy to do with a simple pattern I designed for sharing with all of you! The face is from the Sculpey face mold with I resculpted slightly, the rest are just easy flap pieces with a little detail added such as scales, jewelry & shell I used mica powders to give here a bit of shimmer & sealer her with a water based sealer.
 So fun! Download the pattern & give it a try yourself!

I also created a YouTube video to show you how I created this beautiful Mermaid Bowl...

The pattern is my gift to you, feel free to use it as you like. Even to make money from your creations using the pattern. All I ask is that you don't sell the pattern or post it as your own. That's it, simple right?
Well that's all for now...Till Next Time

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