Friday, December 30, 2016

New Years Party Wall Art

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hi everyone, Lyn Gill here again for this months inspirational post. This time it's my first try with resin painting/pouring & I love it! It's just a piece of Foam Board but it's the perfect thing to practice on.
Using just 16 drams of Amazing Clear Cast resin (8 drams of pt A & 8 of pt B) in the measuring cup, after mixing I divided it into into 5 different cups & colored each one separately with a little Alumilite Dye & Alumidust in different colors then poured them each(except the white pearl) back into the larger mixing cup without re-stirring. Then I pour the whole mixing cup onto the foam board at one time & allowed it to settle, tilting the board when needed to get the resin to cover the board. Then I dropped little drops of the white pearl resin(Amazing Clear Cast & Pearl Alumidust)  in various areas of the board & let it cure over night. If you try this be sure to cover your work surface with waxed paper or some other protection as this can be a messy project.
The results are stunning! I'm crazy about this technique & will definitely try more!

Gorgeous right? It was so much fun & I love the randomness of the finished two will ever be the same! Much more in the New Year I promise!

                                     Do you have any crafty New Years resolutions?

Well than you so much for joining me again this month at Amazing Casting Products & Have an Amazing New Year!...Till Next Time!

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