Wednesday, May 31, 2017

DIY Bronze Patina Swellegant on Polymer Clay

The before on this piece was inspired by the Art Nouveau Master Craftsman Rene' Lalique & although my own take on the piece I think it does justice to his gorgeous work.
Created from a custom blend of gold & bronze Premo clays, one of my clay faces & the lovely pyramid shaped bead I was gifted by a dear friend it still needed the final touch to bring it to life.
So in comes the Swellegant...I chose the bronze since that was my original plan, with the Darkening Patina. It really didn't have too much of a reaction so I continued on with the Sky Sapphire & that did the trick!
                                            It's really quite a lovely finish...don't ya think?
You can still see some of the Darkening Patina & the Sky Sapphire really pops. I gave her face just a bit of blue acrylic paint in the details to match the patina & she's gorgeous!
I truly love what Swellegant can bring to my work. To see a pendant you've put so much work into suddenly age right before your eyes is quite mesmerizing! I really do enjoy the process to say the least.
Well although we're at the end of May, I do have a few more of these Surface Effects pendant to share with you so stay tuned...Till Next Time!

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