Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wisteria Polymer Clay using the Dye Oxides from Swellegant

I know the before photo is a little bland but just wait till you see what can be done using the Swellegant Dye Oxides. The pink tendrils are Translucent Premo with a bit of Alcohol ink for the color so that is stay nice & translucent.

First I painted the hair with the Copper Metal Coating & Tiffany Green Patina & the face with Silver Metal Coating & Darkening Patina & let that bloom. Then for the fun part...
I then used the Violet Dye Oxide(let it dry) & topped that with the Milky White Dye Oxide.

I really think she turned out Gorgeous! The Dye Oxides really brought out the texture that I added to the Wisteria Blossoms & I love how just a bit of the Copper peeks out around the leaves & hair.
This is the final video of the series on Surface Effects but be assured there will be more videos.
Well...that's it for today...Till Next Time!

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