Friday, May 26, 2017

DIY Polymer Clay & Alcohol Inks

Hi everyone, Lyn here again & once again the before image is a little bland but this time I'm using Alcohol Inks on Polymer Clay.
This time I've used the Silver Mixative on the hair & leaves & the Bright Purple from Ranger on the grapes plus I added a little of the purple watered down with Alcohol to highlight the hair.. The face I used Pearl Mixative on. I then went back & added a little Lettuce Green t o the leaves just to give it some contrast. A bit of Iridescent Violet Pearl-ex on the grapes gives it the final look.

Pretty, don't you think? I Well that's about it for today, sorry I'm not sure how these posts got out of order but you know?! Well...Till Next Time!

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