Tuesday, August 13, 2013

By the light of the Moon!

So I've been playing around with one of my original molds as I do from time to time & I thought I would  share just a few of the results...first is the original piece that I sculpted & the clay mold...
My original "Man in the Moon" sculpture & clay mold created from it.

I just use Sculpey original for most of my molds because I like a rigid mold. One of the perks is less distortion. I basically dust the mold with some pearl-ex powder, fill the mold with a ball of clay & try to use just the right size to barely overfill the mold. Then I turn it over onto my baking tile(small mirrored tile) & using slight pressure flatten it so that the back sticks to the glass & the extra is squeezed out around the edges. Lifting straight up on the mold so as not to distort the piece I then trim off the extra that was squeezed out. This leaves you with an exact copy of the original that you can now alter to your hearts desire! So second is a piece using different colors of clay & pearl-ex powders & a little bit of added detail before baking...
Then after baking a bit of sealer & some Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays in various colors & you have a totally different look!

Then to even take it a step further I created a background bezel to change it up even more...
"Man in the Moon" into "Face of the Sun"!
"Man in the Moon" Into "By the Light of the Moon"
These are just a few of the different looks you can achieve with a single mold! A different colored clay, different types & colors of finishes & a few added details & the results can be quite stunning! These will be used for components in charms or pendants & can have added dangles at the bottom also...so many possibilities & so much variety of materials available to altered the finished look that I could keep playing for days & never duplicate a piece. Oh now imagine adding some embossing powders to the surface...Oh you know I'm gonna try it!
Well that's all for tonight, thank you so much for stopping by...Till Next Time!


  1. you have really achieved some fabulous pieces..nice!

    enjoy *~*

  2. Thank you Teresa! It's been fun just playing around for the past 2 weeks but It's time I think to get started on some Holiday crafting! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh, Lyn! You are super talented. I love all the pieces you created. My favorite is "By the Light of the Moon." I've been half in love with and half obsessed with the moon for most of my life, not in an astronomical way, but in the way it lights up the night (my favorite part of the day).


  4. Thanks Wendy, I had been looking for a man in the moon type mold for the longest time & finally decided why not just make the one I want...duh, blond moment...lol! It turned out so much better than I had even hoped. I really like his serene look.
    Hugs Lyn