Thursday, July 4, 2013

"Clay Bezels & Glass Pebbles"

"Clay Bezels & Glass Pebbles" I just love to make these. Lots of inclusions can be used under these glass pebbles...glitter, fantasy film, images(paper or drawn/transferred onto clay) & gold leaf just to name a few. So here's a few that I made a while back...
"Imperial Panda Talisman"
 This first piece has a faux Jade bezel with a faux ivory background & surrounding the glass pebble. The background has a pencil drawing transfer onto raw clay before the pebble is added & the bezel built up. This piece was antiqued in a whitewash after baking & set with a satin sealer.
"Imperial panda Talisman" different angle
This next one was my attempt at some tiny peacock feathers...Ok maybe I should try This time I used a blue glass pebble with blue leaf glitter underneath & a gold clay bezel & feathers. The clay was rubbed with Interference violet Pearl-Ex powder before baking & also glazed with it after. This time the name tag has a feather design on the back side as well. The piece is strung on a leather cord with a gold tone toggle clasp.
"The Peacock Talisman"
 This one is so gorgeous in the sunlight! The blue stone has blue Martha Stewart leaf Glitter underneath & a silver bezel antiqued in black. The loop in the bezel is reinforced with a hidden wire bail. This piece is also strung on a leather cord with a silver toggle clasp this time to compliment the piece.
"The Mirror to the Soul"
 This was one of my first pieces using the glass pebbles & I still love the way it turned out. Varigated gold leaf is underneath the glass pebble this time & also on the flames around the bezel. The bezel itself is gold clay & the entire piece is antiqued in black. The accessory beads are black clay with some of the gold leafing. All these pieces were sealed with a gloss sealer.
"Fire & Lava"
 Another piece the really catches the light is this one with faux Malachite under the glass pebble. The Malachite was topped with some glitters before the glass pebble was set & the gold clay bezel was formed. This was then rubbed with some green pearl-ex, to give it a patina look. Then the piece was antiqued with a burnt umber & sealed with a satin sealer.
"Copper Leaves"
 This is one that I did a YT tutorial on last Christmas. Silver clay surrounds an image of Santa under a glass pebble. Then I made a few clay charms to dangle off the bottom of the piece.
"It's Christmas Time Again"

 Last(well just for today) but not least is this gorgeous piece. The same blue glass pebble with blue leaf glitter underneath, this time with a silver bezel that has some antique silver pearl-ex mixed in & rubbed onto the top. Then after baking the whole piece is antiqued in black & sealed with a satin sealer.
"Star Gazing"
Wew! That was quite a few for the 4th & I just squeaked it in...Now that my poor "little doggie" (his nickname, he's not so is finally starting to calm down after the fire works, maybe I can call it a day. Hope everyone had an amazing 4th & thanks so much for stopping by...Till Next Time!

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