Monday, July 1, 2013

Simple Bezel Set Polymer Clay Pendants

Today I've decided to show a few simple clay bezel set faux stone pendants since I'm planning a tutorial on this very project.The first set is a simple faux agate stone & accessory beads from silver & transparent clays with black micro fine glitters & the bezel is silver polymer clay rubbed with silver pearl-ex powders & sealed.
Polymer clay faux Agate 
 This next piece was my first attempt at a faux Tiger Eye, I think it turned out OK. It is set in a black polymer clay bezel.
Polymer Clay faux Tiger Eye
 Next up is also what was my first attempt to create a faux opal which in my opinion is one of the most difficult to replicate. While this piece doesn't have the depth or the refraction of light of a real opal it still turned out to be a very beautiful piece.
Polymer Clay faux opal
 This last piece is a silver polymer clay bezel from a mold taken off of a broken bit of something or other with a faux Blue Gold Stone, it really sparkles. The bezel was then antiqued & rubbed with a bit of pearl-ex powder.
Polymer Clay faux Blue Gold Stone
Well again that's it for today...short & Thanks again for stopping by...Till Next Time!

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