Friday, July 5, 2013

"Layers of Blue"

"Layers of Blue" I only have three pieces to share today all layered faux stones in blue polymer clay. Pearl, transparent & some blue & black clays with some pearl-ex powders & glitters in different variations make up these three faux stones.
The first piece is a lovely delicate setting of gold clay rubbed with an antique gold pearl-ex powder. The faux stone is a layered "pearl Stone" Transparent blue & pearl layers, the second picture show the pearl layers a bit better. The entire piece is finished in black antiquing & a gloss glaze.
"Golden Elegance" 
"Golden Elegance" Different angle
 This next piece I titled "The Quiet Ocean" for the early morning soft sounds of the ocean when your on the beach. The faux Paua shell was another of my first attempts. I used layers of different pearl blues & black, I think a bit of purple is in order for next time. A silver clay bezel & a few faux pearls. Again antiqued in black & finished with a gloss glaze.
The Quiet Ocean"

 The final piece for today & I used an older photo because it shows off the colors, pearl & glitter effects better. A gold bezel this time with some royal blue acrylic stripes. The faux stone is layers of different pearls & transparent clays in blue with silver & gold glitters. The entire piece is antiqued in black & finished with a gloss glaze.
"Sands Of Egypt"
Well enough for today...I I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday. Thanks for stopping by... Till Next Time"!

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