Thursday, July 25, 2013

Did I say "I love texture"

Well...yes I do love texture! All sorts of texture...wood, metal, glass...rough, smooth, silky & soft...I love texture! Just a quick post today & just one pendant..."The Beauty of Age" as I'm feeling a bit of mine today...age, that is...more on that later. This piece is one that I used a rusting medium on. I actually got the product at a yard sale & it was almost solidified when I used it so I was shocked that it even worked. I really need to get some more & do some experimenting cause I love how this piece turned out. One of my "pearlstones" in the center surrounded by some etched gears all in polymer clay with some tiny clay screw heads to finish it off. The rust is just amazing & the texture is so rough & grungy...I really like it!

"The Beauty of Age"
That's it for now so thanks for stopping by...Till Next Time!

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